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aitian lawmakers voted against Martelly's first choice for the post, Daniel Gerard Rouzier, citing the local car leader's dual citizenship. The two rejections marked a rocky start

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held by ELN fighters in the San Lucas sierra, while Peruvians Ochoa and Mamani were released, along with three Colombians who were also detained four weeks ago at the mining camp

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enses," he said in a televised address Thursday. But Bush, who was on a visit to Jamaica, voiced his intention to stay on as premier. "I would like to tell the whole story... I hav

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y over offensive words NEW YORK, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- American Broadcasting Companies Inc. (ABC) has apologized to the Chinese community and the Asian community for permitting a sho

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. Related Rescuers expand lifeline to trapped miners in Chile BEIJING,?Aug. 24?(Xinhuanet) -- Engineers have reinforced a lifeline to 33 miners buried deep inside a Chilean gold and

催眠术入门 -火影之最强写轮眼

n 2006," said Colonel Felix Molina, director of the Bolivian Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking. "Once we launch operations in border areas, they are simultaneous, joint and c